More “Ultimate Crowley Sets” Released!

The totally wicked awesome “Ultimate Crowley Sets” that we released for sale last Fall were extremely rare in that they were hand numbered and limited to only 50 sets total that would ever be sold.  However, knowing how fast they would sell out… we purposely held just a few of them back so that we could release them as a surprise on Christmas Eve.  So yesterday we put them up for sale in our “BUY STUFF” store!  Maybe you weren’t able to secure one for yourself in time before they sold out when they first went up for sale?   Maybe you still need to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone in your life who is a huge HATCHET fan?   Or maybe you just needed to wait until after Christmas day in the hopes that you’d be gifted enough cash to be able to buy one?  No matter what the case, now is your chance to own something truly special that only 49 other fans around the world will ever own.  When we say a few we aren’t kidding.  There are only a FEW available so now is your chance to get the coolest, rarest, and most awesome HATCHET stuff we’ve ever offered!  Get yours as fast as you can right here in our “Buy Stuff” store.

IMG_7316These “Ultimate Crowley Set” includes a Victor Crowley Halloween mask (autographed on the inside flap by Adam Green), an autographed original first draft of the screenplay HATCHET (quite different from the shooting draft, containing a completely different ending from what you saw in the film, and with FX coordinator Robert Pendergraft’s hand written notes on the pages that involve make-up effects), a signed Blu-ray of HATCHET, a vile of the exact fake blood used in making the film, an 8X10 photo of Adam Green and Victor Crowley (autographed by Adam Green),  a prop replica hatchet that was handmade from the original mold used to create the stunt hatchets seen on screen in the finished film and that will not be sold separately, and a “Certificate of Authenticity” signed by both Green and Pendergraft.  The “ultimate” set indeed!

Also… the extremely rare DIGGING UP THE MARROW high-end art prints we released that were previously only available on the film’s US Tour stops are almost sold out, too!  So if you’ve been hoping to get one of those for yourself- we suggest you do so quickly!  Good luck, Merry Christmas, and happy shopping!