Monthly Archives: September 2016

“That’s A Wrap!”

Last week ArieScope completed production on our 10th feature film!  Much like how we kept all of the details secret right up until the very first public screening of last year’s DIGGING UP THE MARROW, no details about the new film (written and directed by Adam Green) will be made public until much closer to the film’s release in 2017.  Stay tuned…

Happy Birthday, HATCHET!

HATCHET opened in US theaters 9 years ago today… and the world hasn’t looked at swamps or belt sanders the same way since.  Happy Birthday, Victor Crowley!  And thank you to all of the fans in the Hatchet Army worldwide for 9 years of loyal slasher service.  Our cast and crew love you all!

Writer/Director Adam Green will be touring extensively next year in support of HATCHET’s milestone 10 year anniversary – so stay tuned for news and details about convention appearances, special theatrical screenings of the trilogy, and other events happening in 2017.

hatchetposterfinalHATCHET opened in US cinemas on September 7, 2007.