Halloween Shorts

In 1998 Adam Green and Will Barratt made the short film COLUMBUS DAY WEEKEND where Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers stalked the same campsite by mistake and then fell in love. It was simply made as a fun thing to screen for a few friends at a local Halloween party, but with that short film ArieScope Pictures was born. Since that fateful Halloween, the core group of the ArieScope team has made it an annual tradition to get together each October and make a “Halloween Short Film” for the web. It’s a way to celebrate the past year and remind ourselves that the work doesn’t always have to be so serious. For some of us it’s like a reset button each year when we can sit back and laugh while we remind ourselves why we ever started doing this in the first place. The rules of the Halloween short have always been simple: A one night shoot, there can be no budget, we just do it for fun, and the short has to have some sort of relation to the greatest holiday of the year. Below you’ll find the entire collection of our annual Halloween shorts for your viewing enjoyment.


Being a monster isn’t as easy as it looks. Derek Mears (FRIDAY THE 13TH 2009), Kelly Vrooman (THE CHICA SHOW), and Colton Dunn (NBC’s SUPERSTORE) star as three hungry monsters that meet their match in ArieScope’s 17th annual Halloween short film.  Enjoy the short and then read Adam Green’s blog entry about making it, containing behind the scenes pictures from the set.  Read it here.

Happy Halloween (2014)

A Skype call between a husband and wife on Halloween night takes a disturbingly dark turn in our 16th annual Halloween short film starring Shawn Ashmore (X-MEN, THE FOLLOWING, FROZEN) and Brea Grant (HEROES, DEXTER).

Halloween Hugs (2013)

The staff at ArieScope Pictures find themselves dealing with a horrifying dilemma after Adam Green rents a coffin for a special “15th Anniversary Halloween Party” and the strange man who drops it off insists that under no circumstances does he want the coffin returned to him. Little do they know that the reason the man does not want his coffin back is far more terrifying/adorable than even this group of seasoned horror movie filmmakers is prepared for. With many key faces from our core crew over the years playing themselves, HALLOWEEN HUGS may be the weirdest and most fun Halloween Short we’ve ever shot. And after 15 YEARS of making these… that’s saying a lot. “Who wants a hug?”

Driving Lessons (2012)

In John Carpenter’s 1978 classic HALLOWEEN, “Michael Myers” was suddenly able to drive a car after having sat in a sanitarium staring at the wall since childhood. While the filmmakers addressed this slight plot hole briefly in the original movie with a throw away line by Donald Pleasance (“Maybe someone around here gave him lessons”), we here at ArieScope Pictures were fortunate enough to track down a never-before-seen deleted scene from HALLOWEEN that thoroughly explains what really happened. Our 14th annual Halloween Short Film parodies our favorite slasher film of all time and stars Joel David Moore (AVATAR, HATCHET) and Kane Hodder (HATCHET 1-3) as “Michael Myers”.

Downloading And You (2011)

In the mood to watch a good horror movie this Halloween? Before you do anything the “illegal” way, watch this spoof of 1950′s cautionary public service films and think twice. You know, because there was internet service back in the… 50′s. Starring Ed Ackerman (FROZEN, HATCHET II, THE CHANGE-UP), Dave Foy (HATCHET II, CHILLERAMA), and featuring the voice of Kevin Barbare (WAAF 107.3FM Boston Radio, “The Hillman Morning Show”), ArieScope’s 13th annual Halloween Short Film takes a light hearted swing at the illegal downloading predicament and it’s crippling effect on independent cinema.  Check out Kevin Barbare’s Worcester Horror Convention: Rock And Shock.  Visual Effects by Skull Tree Visual FX

Just Take One (2010)

ArieScope’s 12th annual Halloween short film finds two Trick or Treaters faced with the moral dilemma of the “honor bowl”. Do they follow the rules and just take one piece of candy… or does basic Halloween logic prove that there is no harm in being a little greedy on All Hallow’s Eve? Adam Green and Joe Lynch star in this cautionary holiday tale with an ending that’s sure to please our ‘Halloween Short Film Faithful’.

Jack Chop (2009)

“One… and ya’ fahkin done, kid!”  ArieScope’s 11th annual Halloween short stars Paul Solet (writer/director of GRACE) as “Nicolo”- a Boston area Jack-O-Lantern enthusiast pimping out a pumpkin carving set that is guaranteed to make you “the baddest dude in Revere.”   An instant viral internet phenomenon (over 4 million views to date), Jack Chop’s “Nicolo” character became so popular that Adam Green brought him back as a re-occuring character in ArieScope’s hit sit-com HOLLISTON.

The TiVO (2008)

A man is delighted by how his new TiVO has changed his life, until it becomes obsessed with him and begins killing people. Starring Parry Shen (HATCHET 1-3), our 10th annual ArieScope Halloween short film has been a contender for “fan favorite” since the day it launched in 2008.

The Tiffany Problem (2007)

What’s a 30 year old guy to do when his wife stays home sick and ruins his trick or treating plans? Featuring a star-studded cast that include Joel David Moore (HATCHET, DODGEBALL, AVATAR), Corri English (BEDFORD DIARIES, UNREST, HOLLISTON), and Zachary Levi (CHUCK, TANGLED, THOR 2), our 9th annual ArieScope Halloween short film is still hands down our personal favorite of all.

King In The Box (2006)

When “Jack” from Jack In The Box pulls a shady move over on Burger King, “The King” pays him a visit on Halloween night to settle the score the only way he knows how. Mentioned by The New York Times’ About.com as one of the top short films of 2006, our 8th annual ArieScope Halloween short film is a favorite amongst fans.