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ArieScope is constantly creating “side projects” between our feature films. Here you’ll find a collection that includes some notable TV appearances as well as some of our favorite short film projects, including 2009′s popular FAIRY TALE POLICE (created for Microsoft’s XBOX gaming consoles), Adam Green and Joe Lynch’s 3-year-spanning ROAD TO FRIGHTFEST (created exclusively for the UK FrightFest film festival in London), the internet sensation and two-time Lucas Film award winning SABER mock commercial, and the acclaimed digital / MTV series’ IT’S A MALL WORLD and WINTER TALES (both produced by our good friends at DiVide).

Turn Off Your Bloody Phone (2014)

ArieScope contributed this short “Turn Off Your Bloody Phone” video for the 2014 Film 4 FrightFest film festival in London. Parodying a classic scene from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2, the piece stars Joe Lynch and Adam Green and serves as a reminder to movie goers everywhere to be considerate during a film… or else.

Saber 3 (2014)

Star Wars geeks across the galaxy demanded yet another sequel to Adam Green’s award winning Star Wars fan film SABER and we are pleased to bring you SABER 3: “Revenge Of The Threesome” in conjunction with our friends at Nerdist and Danger Maiden. Written by Adam Green, directed by Joe Lynch, and starring Clare Grant, Rileah Vanderbilt, and Alison Haislip… many Bothans died to bring you this short film. So grab your favorite action figure and unleash the force within you – again!  

“Love It Down Your Throat” Music Video (2013)

In Season 2 of ArieScope’s hit sitcom HOLLISTON, “Lance Rockett” (Dee Snider) begins focusing on a more “realistic career” and starts writing “original Van Halen songs” for his cover band DYVER DOWN. While only a glimpse of his music video for “Love It Down Your Throat” is shown in the epic Season 2 finale, here is the full, glitter-ific, and un-cut video for your viewing pleasure.Directed by Cody Blue Snider. Song written by Adam Green, Bear McCreary, and Brendan McCreary.

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Saber 2 (2012)

After 2009′s SABER became an internet phenomenon, fans across the galaxy have been asking for a sequel. On May 4th 2012 (Star Wars Day – “May the 4th be with you!”) ArieScope (in conjunction with Danger Maiden and the Nerdist Channel) released the long awaited sequel which passed the 1 million views mark in just 10 days. Directed by Seth Green (ROBOT CHICKEN, AUSTIN POWERS) and once again starring Rileah Vanderbilt and Clare Grant, SABER 2 has Star Wars geeks everywhere praying for Lucasfilm to release the actual body wash. (Are you listening, George?) Enjoy and may the force be with you. Always.

The Road To Holliston (2012)

As part of the launch of ArieScope’s first TV series HOLLISTON, a series of behind the scenes promos were created and played on the FEARnet television network in the weeks leading up to the premiere. Below you’ll find all six promos that made up “The Road To Holliston” in their original un-cut form. From the uncomfortable first network pitch…to the cast’s disasterous auditions… to the grueling process of getting script notes from the Network President’s 9 year-old daughter… this is the story of bringing a TV series from concept through production.

Nightmare Slayers (2011)

Created in conjunction with Comedy Central’s, ArieScope’s NIGHTMARE SLAYERS follows two scantily clad, ass-kicking angels from heaven who protect children from the monsters under their beds, the demons in their closets, and a variety of other ghoulish creations that go bump in the night.

The Road To Frightfest Part 3 (2010)


Filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch reunite for another year of comedy vignettes, lovingly and specifically made for the world famous FRIGHTFEST film festival in the UK.  This year finds the boys recreating the legendary BLAIR WITCH PROJECT as they struggle to make their way to London in time for the festival. As usual, many jokes are specific to the festival’s history and to specific UK personalities, but we’re confident that horror geeks and genre fans worldwide will still get big laughs from the series as always.  Enjoy the jokes, the fright, and the horror cameo in what is currently rumored to be the final act of “The Road To FrightFest Trilogy”.

The Road To Frightfest Part 2 (2009)


Once again, film directors Adam Green and Jow Lynch have collaborated to create five more vignettes for FRIGHTFEST in the UK.  Since it was not only FRIGHTFEST’s 10 Year Anniversary but also the celebration of the re-release of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, this year’s round of nightly surprises featured the duo recreating their favorite scenes from the classic film.  While you may have to actually be a “FrightFester” to get all of the inside jokes that are specific to the festival’s history, we’re still confident that you’ll get some laughs watching the horror, comedy, and cameos unfold as the boys try to make their way to the greatest genre film festival in the world once again.

Made by: Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Jason Miller, Will Barratt, Robert Pendergraft, Andy Garfield, and Heather Allison

Fairy Tale Police (2009)

Created for XBOX’s “Horror Meets Comedy” project, FAIRY TALE POLICE is a COPS inspired reality web-series that follows two police officers played by Racheal Leigh Cook (SHE’S ALL THAT) and Parry Shen (HATCHET) as they maintain order in a land full of storybook villains and cartoonish monsters. Currently playing exclusively on XBOX LIVE gaming consoles.

Saber (2009)

The multi-award winning ArieScope short SABER took home two Lucasfilm Awards in the 2009 Star Wars Fan Film Contest at San Diego Comic-Con (“Audience Choice” and “Best Action”). Written and directed by Adam Green and starring Rileah Vanderbilt and Clare Grant, SABER went on to become a Youtube sensation and has garnered well over 2 million views on all of it’s combined outlets. A sequel (SABER 2) was created in 2012 and passed the 1 million views mark in just 10 days. Geeks everywhere… you’re welcome.