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HATCHET 2 opens in UK cinemas on Friday 4/1

Adam Green’s HATCHET 2 will open in UK cinemas on Friday April 1st.  Below is a glimpse of the first round of cinemas where UK fans can catch the film on the big screen.  More screens will be added, so check local listings!

Empire                             Leicester Square

VUE                               Acton

VUE Purley Way           Croydon

Cineworld                       Enfield

Cineworld 02                  Greenwich

Cineworld                       Milton Keynes

Showcase                        Newham

VUE                               Romford

VUE                               Thurrock

Cineworld                       Birmingham

Cineworld                       Bradford

Showcase                        Bristol

VUE The Rock               Bury

Cineworld                       Cardiff

Showcase                        Coventry

Cineworld                       Crawley

Showcase                        Derby

Cineworld                       Didsbury

Showcase                        Dudley

Cineworld(Renfrew St    Glasgow

Showcase                        Glasgow

VUE                                Hull

Showcase                        Leeds

Loewen Cinema             Mablethorpe

Showcase                        Manchester

Cineworld                      Nottingham

Cineworld                      Sheffield

Cineworld                      Wolverhampton

HATCHET 3 gets a greenlight!

HATCHET 3 has been green-lit.  With Adam Green’s “Hatchet 2″ exceeding all expectations for sales on DVD and continually selling out in major retail stores nationwide as fast as they can stock it, Dark Sky Films announced today that they have greenlit production on “Hatchet 3.”

The film will be produced by Green’s ArieScope Pictures and Dark Sky Films, which is a subsidiary of indie producer-distrib MPI Media Group. ArieScope’s Cory Neal will serve as a producer along with Green and Sarah Elbert.

The third installment in the popular franchise will continue the horrific saga of Victory Crowley and pick up where “Hatchet 2″ left off, with a young woman (Danielle Harris) getting revenge on the malevolent monster who killed her friends while they vacationed in Louisiana swamp country.

Cast and other details of the production, including its director, are expected shortly.

“For a little indie movie that I dreamt up when I was just eight years old, it has been absolutely surreal to watch it turn into a modern-day slasher franchise,” said Green, who had already worked out a possible storyline for “Hatchet 3″ before he started shooting “Hatchet 2,” the first unrated indie horror film to be exhibited by a major chain in 25 years when it opened last fall in AMC Theatres across the country.

While Green expressed trepidation about the possibility of handing the franchise to another filmmaker, he expects to be “more involved” than the typical producer, and promises “we’ll never run out of creative ways for Victor Crowley to kill people.”

“It has been our intention from the beginning to continue building the ‘Hatchet’ franchise,” said Greg Newman, EVP of Dark Sky. “Adam Green has created a horror icon in Victor Crowley, and we’re pleased that Crowley will live on in future installments of the franchise.”

Play XBOX Live With Adam Green!

The next “XBOX LIVE Fan Gaming” night will happen on Friday March 25th from 8-10pm PST.  Fans can play CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS with writer/director Adam Green and HATCHET II’s Colton Dunn (“Vernon”) as well as many other ArieScope crew members who may stop in for some warfare and carnage.  To play, simply add the gamertag “AdamFnGreen” and be on at 8pm PST.  Play is first come first serve and the game play will be switched up often to allow for more fans to get a chance to play.  NOTE: The “AdamFnGreen” account was created strictly for these exclusive Fan Gaming nights and is NOT Adam Green’s actual gamertag.  Messages sent to that account will not be received by Adam Green personally.  See you all on the battlefield!


On Monday March 7th don’t miss ArieScope’s first episode of SEXY NIGHTMARE SLAYERS premiering exclusively on Comedy Central’s  Rileah Vanderbilt (FROZEN, SABER) and Clare Grant (WALK THE LINE, SABER) star as two angels who protect children from the monsters under their beds, the ghouls in their closets, and all kinds of other freakishly fun bad guys.  The pilot episode was directed by Adam Green.