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SPECIAL EVENT! The SAG Foundation presents “An Evening in HOLLISTON”…

Are you a SAG-AFTRA or Equity Union member living in Los Angeles? If so, you DON’T want to miss a special evening with the cast of HOLLISTON on Thursday May 10, 2012 presented by the SAG Foundation as part of the LifeRaft Panel Series. You must be a union member to attend (or come as the guest of a union member). If you’re an actor (or just a fan of the show) you don’t want to miss this special panel lecture with an in-depth discussion about how HOLLISTON gets made and a look at the craft of acting in such a unique and offbeat sitcom. The panel will feature HOLLISTON’s stars Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz and Corri English as well as FEARnet President Peter Block. A Q&A with the audience will be included as a major portion of the panel discussion as well. Seats are free and first-come first served, but you must be a SAG-AFTRA or Equity Union Member (or the guest of a union member) to attend.

Thursday May 10th. 7-9pm.
Museum Square Building
The Actors Center Screening Room
5757 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036.

NOTE: This will be the cast’s final public appearance in support of Season 1 of HOLLISTON.

HOLLISTON is a HIT! Season 2 has been green-lit!

Deadline Hollywood announced yesterday that HOLLISTON has been renewed for a second season after airing merely two episodes of it’s inaugural season.  The show’s first episode debuted in the #6 most watched/trending spot in all of television on and last night’s episode (Episode 3 “Skunked”) reached all the way to #8 on the popular social media TV site.  “Holliston resonates with both genre junkies and more mainstream comedy fans alike, making our first push into original programming a successful attempt for diversifying our schedule and showing the breadth of our audience,” said FEARnet GM and president Peter Block. Returning alongside Green and Lynch for Season 2 are co-stars Laura Ortiz; Corri English, the lead singer of Brokedown Cadillac; Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider; and Oderus Urungus, lead singer of GWAR. Green said he has been “overjoyed” by the audience’s reaction to the show. “It’s amazing to watch the characters be embraced so quickly and to see fans quoting it on Twitter, Facebook and at conventions around the country,” he said.

HOLLISTON Episode 1 is now on iTunes!

Missed the season premiere of HOLLISTON on TV last night?  Now you can watch it (and get a season pass for future episodes) on iTunes.  Watch the show in HD and see it how it was meant to be seen!  Click here.

HOLLISTON’s premiere is a success!

With the amazing responses, reactions, and reviews pouring in, HOLLISTON hit #6 in the most popular/trending television shows on GetGlue which is a hugely popular service and quickly becoming the “twitter of TV”.

Top trending shows for Tuesday night April 3, 2012:

1. Big Bang Theory
2. New Girl
3. Body of Proof
4. The Voice
5. Justified
6. Holliston
7. Dancing with the stars
8. Ringer
9. Storage Wars
10. Game of Thrones

For a brand new show’s first night out of the gate on a brand new cable network that so much of the country still doesn’t even get in their channel line-up yet, this was no small feat.  On behalf of all of us who live in this world of “Holliston”… THANK YOU!

Victor Crowley is coming…

On 1:45pm on Sunday April 1st, Adam Green posted a note on twitter saying that the script for HATCHET 3 is finished.  ”It is complete.  Here we go.”  Filming begins in just a few short weeks so stay tuned to and follow Green on Twitter for updates on the progress of Victor Crowley’s latest outing.