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Dee Snider and I Discuss… EVERYTHING.

Dee Snider and I recently sat down with MOVIE MELTDOWN in Cincinnati to discuss HOLLISTON but wound up discussing… everything.  Normally I’d never post an interview as a blog post, but this may be one of the most comprehensive and candid interviews I’ve ever done and together Dee and I cover so much that this one interview is better than anything I could possibly write.  From our twisted road to becoming close friends, to how we actually make HOLLISTON, to our opinions on the horror genre, to family, to HATCHET, to HATCHET III, to STRANGELAND, to PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE, to my stance on rape and animal violence in horror movies… this podcast covers it all.

Our interview is about a half-hour long and begins around 24 minutes into the podcast.  Click here, enjoy, and hopefully be inspired.