New Scary Sleepover: Ti West

On this week’s new episode of SCARY SLEEPOVER, filmmaker Ti West (HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, THE INNKEEPERS) attempts to write a romantic comedy with Adam before revealing his greatest personal fear… and sharing a deadly prop from one of his films.  Watch Episode 2.8 “Ti West” here.

IMG_9187SCARY SLEEPOVER Episode 2.8 “Ti West” is now playing in our ORIGINAL SERIES section.



Join Adam Green, Corri English, Laura Ortiz, and W. Axl Rose the Cat for a LIVE fan chat on Periscope this Tuesday (2/23) at 2pm PST.  The cast will have just finished reading two of the new Season 3 scripts for the very first time and who better to share their excitement with than YOU the fans, Holliston Nation?

IMG_0098“You’ve been great, we’ve been… BUSY!  Goodnight!”

We know, we know – “When does filming begin!? When does Season 3 come out?!  More details!!  Is Horace Pinker the hamster ever going to find his way home to Adam again??  Is it pronounced MARket Basket or Market BASket???”  There will be an official announcement made with ALL of the specific details you’re waiting for just as soon as we can share them. In the meantime, a lot of things are starting to happening and the cast will share/answer whatever they can at this early point in the process during Tuesday’s live chat.


Tuesday’s live chat will happen on Adam Green’s Periscope account (@adam_fn_green) so follow Adam there and join the cast at 2pm PST.  Don’t have Periscope on your mobile device yet? “Whaaaaaaat?”  Just download the free Periscope Ap and follow Adam’s account. It’s that easy.  For your own “spoiler protection” the actual rehearsal/read through will not be part of the broadcast.  Unfortunately, Joe Lynch and Dee Snider are away on double secret special assignments and will not be part of the live chat portion of Tuesday’s rehearsal.  But Adam, Corri, Laura, Axl, and the many other HOLLISTON fans participating in the live chat will see you on Tuesday.


It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through Season 2 of Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER! Celebrate our mid-season mark as SLEEPOVER’s director Sean Becker shares some of his favorite moments that you didn’t get to see in the first half of the season.  Watch Episode 2.7 “Season 2 Outtakes, Part 1″ here.


New Scary Sleepover: Neil Marshall

NOW PLAYING! Filmmaker Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT, GAME OF THRONES) joins Adam Green on this week’s new episode of SCARY SLEEPOVER where he walks Adam through shooting an epic on-screen battle (with toys), shares props from his films that he has held on to, and confesses his biggest real life fear.  Watch Episode 2.6 “Neil Marshall” FREE right here.

AGSS thumb NEIL MARSHALLWatch the episode now!


On this week’s new episode of Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER, actress/writer Brea Grant (HEROES, DEXTER) challenges Adam to a game of Connect 4, tries to teach him how to play the drums, and reveals her greatest and most personal real life fear.  Watch Episode 2.5 “Brea Grant” – FREE – right here – in the “Original Series” section of this site.


Join Adam Green & Dee Snider at the LA premiere of “WE ARE TWISTED F***ING SISTER”

Live in Los Angeles?  Do you still wanna rock??  Then join Adam Green and Dee Snider for the LA premiere of the new documentary WE ARE TWISTED F***ING SISTER (directed by Andrew Horn) on Monday night February 15th at The Cinefamily Theater – 611 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036.  Adam will be hosting and moderating a Q&A with Dee after the 7:30pm show.  (There will also be an introduction from Dee before the 10:45pm show, however there will not be a Q&A after that screening.)  Don’t wait!  Get your tickets now right here.

WeAreTwistedSister“Look and you’ll see you’re a lot like me, you’re an S.M.F….”