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20 Seconds To Live (2015, 2017)

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In this award-winning scripted anthology series, various characters meet their untimely demise in twisted, fun, and oftentimes gory situations. Directed/co-created by Ben Rock (ALIEN RAIDERS), written/co-created by Bob DeRosa (KILLERS), and produced by Cat Pasciak (ATARI: GAME OVER), 20 SECONDS TO LIVE is the horror/comedy series for people who hate happy endings.  Meet the filmmakers behind the series here.

Anniversary _V3

Episode 1: “ANNIVERSARY” –  A married couple celebrates a special day, unaware that someone is watching them. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 6.5.15)


Episode 2: “ASTAROTH” - An amateur demon-worshipper (Derek Mears) must make the ultimate sacrifice. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 6.12.15)


Episode 3: “CLIMAX” – A young woman enjoys the ride of her life. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 6.19.15)


Episode 4: “HEARTLESS” – A magician (Graham Skipper) accepts a challenge from his most committed heckler. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 6.26.15)


Episode 5: “RANSOM” – Two kidnappers prepare to celebrate a big score. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 7.3.15)


Episode 6: “EVIL DOLL” - When confronted with pure evil, a young woman seeks help from a friend. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 7.10.15)


Episode 7: “CLEAR” - A paramedic and her rookie partner rush to the aid of a heart-attack victim.  WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 7.17.15)


Episode 8: “CHRISTMAS MORNING” – A couple debates telling their child the truth about Christmas.  WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 12.18.15)


**NEW** Episode 9: “MEDIUM” - Three siblings seek help in ridding their family estate of unwanted spirits. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 6.7.17)