You can now pre-order your autographed vinyl record of HADDONFIELD’s “Ghosts Of Salem” in our BUY STUFF store here. The vinyl is set to be released on Friday October 13th through ArieScope Records/EMP Label Group but you can only get a copy autographed by lead singer Adam Green here through ArieScope!

GDOB-30H3-007 3.5mm spine

HADDONFIELD CDs, LPS, promotional posters, T-shirts, and bundle packages are all being offered for pre-order directly from our partners at EMP here.  But only is offering autographed vinyl records of the release.  ”Ghosts Of Salem” will be available digitally (wherever you buy digital music) on September 15th with the CD and LP arriving on October 13th- the very same weekend that HADDONFIELD will be performing at “Rock & Shock” in Worcester, MA.  [NOTE: We cannot guarantee that we will have copies of the record on hand at “Rock And Shock” as it all depends when the units arrive to our warehouse.  If we DO have them in time than we will bring a select number of copies to the convention.)  By pre-ordering through us you not only save $5 off of the eventual list price we’ll be selling these for when they are in stock ($40)… you also guarantee that you actually get a copy as these are being manufactured in a limited supply.  (Plus- we always ship pre-orders first.)

Hear HADDONFIELD’s song “Among The Dogs” during the opening 10 minutes of THE MOVIE CRYPT, Episode 217 “Don Mancini” here.

HaddonfieldORANGE“Curse the gods, live among the dogs… it’s time to get high again.”

Announcing ArieScope Records

EMP LABEL GROUP, the label founded by Megadeth’s DAVID ELLEFSON, has signed a deal with horror director/writer/producer ADAM GREEN (Hatchet, Holliston) to create ARIESCOPE RECORDS, Green’s own label imprint which will be manufactured, marketed, and distributed by EMP.  The imprint label will focus on hard rock and metal acts, as well as the scores and soundtracks for Green’s own film and television projects.


The first release for ArieScope Records will be “Ghosts of Salem”, a special live release from Green’s own band HADDONFIELD, which will be available September 15th on digital, and Friday, October 13th, on limited edition LP and CD.  You can purchase your autographed copies here.

HADDONFIELD formed in Green’s hometown of Boston in the late 90’s, and became a large regional draw through legendary live performances. Though forced to relegate the band to a side project when his film career took off in the mid 2000’s, Green fully reactivated HADDONFIELD in 2017 after receiving an overwhelming response to two of the band’s songs played during a special live charity broadcast of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast the previous summer.  Those tracks, and the rest of a classic band era live recording will be released this fall as “Ghosts of Salem” and HADDONFIELD will perform live during this October’s annual “Rock And Shock” horror and music festival in Worcester, MA.

GDOB-30H3-007 3.5mm spine

Green has written and directed 10 feature films to date including 2010’s Sundance darling FROZEN, 2014’s genre bending and ground breaking DIGGING UP THE MARROW, and the hugely successful HATCHET franchise in which he created the modern day slasher icon “Victor Crowley.”  Green is also the creator, writer, director, showrunner, and one of the stars of the popular television sitcom HOLLISTON.  After an extended hiatus due to the tragic death of main cast member Dave Brockie (GWAR’s “Oderus Urungus”), HOLLISTON will continue on with its third season next year.

Green’s weekly podcast THE MOVIE CRYPT (which he hosts with fellow HOLLISTON co-star Joe Lynch) has become one of the most popular entertainment podcasts on the internet over the past 4 years.  Listed as one of Entertainment Weekly magazine’s “20 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To” in 2015, THE MOVIE CRYPT has been ranked in iTunes Top 25 “What’s Hot” in TV/Film podcasts every day of the week for the last 2 years.

Established in 1998, Green’s production company ArieScope Pictures has been a leader in genre fare for 2 decades. In addition to producing all of Green’s feature films and television series, has become a destination site for horror and comedy fans around the world offering over 100 free short films and multiple seasons of original weekly series like “Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover” and “Horrified.”

Established in 2015 by Megadeth bassist and co-founder David Ellefson, the EMP record label is distributed by AMPED in North America, SPV in Europe, and limited titles by Universal in Japan.  EMP is the current home of such major artists as Doyle, Mark Slaughter, Bumblefoot, Dangerous Toys, Ignitor, Broken Teeth, Doll Skin, Madam X, Motograter, and now… Green’s own Haddonfield.

“I’m honored to partner with EMP for this new musical division of ArieScope Pictures,” says Green.  “As a lifelong metal and hard rock fan, I’ve always found ways to bring the music and the artists I love into my various film and television projects but I’ve missed performing music myself in a huge way over these last several years.  Starting an ArieScope imprint label, bringing HADDONFIELD back to the forefront, and getting to work with people I admire like David Ellefson and Thom Hazaert is just incredible.”

EMP Operations Manager Thom Hazaert says, “We are huge fans of Adam and his work, and it’s truly an honor to be the musical Robin to his Batman. He is a true music fan, and artist, and that said, music is never far from the pulse of his film projects, Holliston, Hatchet etc.  We are extremely excited and look forward to bringing you the fruits of this unholy union.”

Green is currently finishing his first novel and overseeing new issues of both the HATCHET and HOLLISTON comic book series.  His 10th feature film will be released in theaters later this year.


NEW Tour Dates Announced

We are excited to announce just a few more of the tour stops for Adam Green’s upcoming Fall tour in honor of HATCHET’s 10th Anniversary.

August 24 – 28: FRIGHTFEST – London, UK

October 13-15: ROCK & SHOCK – Worcester, MA    * Also performing with HADDONFIELD

October 27-29: FULL MOON – Nashville, TN

Many more dates will be announced soon as Green embarks on his biggest tour yet!  Stay tuned here as the full line-up of cities and dates are revealed over the coming weeks.


Pre-order HATCHET Issue #1!

The next issue of the HATCHET comic series (Issue #1) will hit stores this October, but you can pre-order your copies (autographed by Adam Green) right here, right NOW at  When you pre-order from ArieScope directly you save a few dollars off of the price we will be listing the autographed comics for (once officially on sale in October) and you are guaranteed to have your copy/copies shipped first, immediately upon arrival at our warehouse from the printer (which sometimes can mean receiving your copy/copies several days before retails stores)!

Hatchet1MainSMA first look at the main “Massacre” cover by artist Richard Bonk.

Return with us to Honey Island Swamp for a brand new tale of horror at the hands of Victor Crowley in the new issue of American Mythology’s hit HATCHET comic series!  It’s 1983 and a group of college kids with aspirations of creating the next blockbuster horror franchise set out to find the place where New Orleans’ most famous boogeyman lived.  Old school American horror returns to comics with Adam Green’s vision of rage and terror unleashed on the page!  If you loved HATCHET Issue #0 then you can’t miss this brand new heaping helping of horror !  Issue #1 is written by James Kuhoric (ARMY OF DARKNESS, FREDDY vs JASON vs ASH) with art by Andrew Mangum (RE-ANIMATOR, EVIL ERNIE) and is available in FIVE different variant covers:  ”Massacre” by Richard Bonk, “Gore” by Andrew Mangum, “Full Moon” by Greg LaRocque, “Hand of Horror” by Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser, and a special limited edition Rated MR version of the “Hand of Horror” cover (for adults only)! 

George A. Romero (2/4/40 – 7/16/17)

ArieScope mourns the loss of filmmaker George A. Romero (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, CREEPSHOW, and so very many more).

DEF080FD-F4F2-4994-B897-E13355519477George A. Romero and Adam Green – “Rock And Shock” in Worcester, MA 2015.

From Adam Green: “ I am heartbroken over the loss of George Romero.  If not for George, there is a very good chance that my generation of filmmakers would never have started doing what we do.  He was the pioneer of independent cinema and the father of an entire sub-genre, but on a personal level George was also always so kind, so generous, and so encouraging to me over the many years that I was lucky to know him.  I’ll never be able to understand the saying “don’t meet your heroes” as I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so very many of mine over the course of my career and they have all lived up to (if not surpassed) every self-imposed expectation I ever could have placed upon them.  George was one of the greatest examples of that.  At a time when I was all but lost in grief, mourning, and self-doubt, he literally put his arm around me and reminded me that what I do is important, that I mattered, and that I needed to keep going…”

45AA3A91-95CB-4A81-9FA4-03100985999EA pivotal moment.

“I’ll be able to say so much more about what George was actually saying to me in the above photo when my new film is unveiled/announced later this year, but I can’t stress enough that my upcoming film only exists because George told me to make it.  This photo was taken as George and I were exiting the stage together at Rock & Shock 2015.  A wonderful fan in the crowd took the picture and so generously printed it out and brought it to my table the next day.  He said, “I’m not sure what was being said here but I could tell it was important.  I thought you should have this.”  The photo has hung over my desk ever since.”

George-A-Romero-620-01-1“If you can change one thing- everything will change.” – George A. Romero

“Goodbye, George.  Though you couldn’t stay long enough to see what you actually did for me,  I have no doubt that you’ll be smiling down over your huge glasses at each and every screening.  Your legacy, your art, and your trail blazing spirit will live on forever through all of us that you inspired to pick up a camera and tell a story.  Sleep well, Master.”                                                   – Adam Green, July 17, 2017

Victor Crowley To Return To London!

HATCHET’s “10th Anniversary Tour” will be coming to London on Saturday night August 26th as part of UK FrightFest – the greatest horror film festival on the planet and the home of the HATCHET screening “heard around the world” in 2006 where the original film truly took off into the slasher stratosphere, became a franchise, and turned “Victor Crowley” into a bona fide icon.   This is merely the first official “10th Anniversary Event” screening date of many to be announced, so please be patient!  Due to writer/director’s Adam Green’s many obligations and extremely difficult schedule with current projects such as finishing post-production on his upcoming new film (details coming later this year), developing/shooting two new television projects, the forthcoming SCARY SLEEPOVER “Christmas Special” (12/15/17), the next issues of the HATCHET & HOLLISTON comics, a novel he is finishing writing, the weekly MOVIE CRYPT podcast, writing/rehearsing the next season of HOLLISTON, and even more new, fun stuff that we can’t announce just yet… scheduling and committing to tour dates and appearances has never been harder to accomplish.  But fear not!  As the Fall gets closer more and more cities and dates will start being announced and man do we have some great stuff planned!

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 3.22.47 PMStill “Crowley” after all these years.

“As soon as we started planning this 10th anniversary celebration I knew that I wanted to try and hold the first screening/celebration at FrightFest if possible,” says Green.  ”HATCHET world premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC to an incredible response from both critics and audiences, but it was the audience at FrightFest who’s voices took the film to a level we could have then only dreamed of.  The morning after that raucous screening in Leicester Square (mere minutes after the UK premiere of Guillermo del Toro’s masterpiece PAN’S LABYRINTH of all films) it seemed like every genre festival on the planet started calling to program HATCHET.  I’ve since screened every film I’ve ever made at FrightFest as I owe my UK fans so very much and I am part of the FrightFester family myself.”  Green ads, “After so many years in the business I know that a filmmaker is never supposed to publicly admit having a favorite festival, but “Victor Crowley” and I simply love FrightFest and the UK fans with all of our heart and soul. FrightFest is the original Hatchet Army… so it is only fair that we slaughter them first on the tour for this special version.”

xFcj55_R_400x400UK FrightFest.  August 24th – 28th 2017.

Very few details about the special anniversary version of HATCHET that Green (and surprise guests) will be screening in London will be revealed beforehand other than the fact that fans will be treated to never before seen footage and will also (very likely) get a sneak preview of a little something special from Green’s still untitled forthcoming new film (due out at the end of 2017) before the HATCHET screening begins.  Rather than spoil any of the surprises in advance we’re just going to let the fans in London see for themselves!  YES, the same footage shown at FrightFest will be shown at every stop on the “10th Anniversary” tour this Fall so don’t worry if you can’t physically be there.  Even though this may technically be a “retro screening”, HATCHET has been scheduled as the main event screening in the highly coveted Saturday night slot on the Cineworld main screen at FrightFest so we can’t stress enough that you should get your seats now.  Just click here to reserve your tickets.  If you are a HATCHET fan, you simply cannot miss this special event as “Victor Crowley” is going to paint London’s Leicester Square redder than ever before.  Security will be high so please leave your hatchets, 6 foot long chainsaws, and gas powered belt sanders at home.  Just bring your voices and come ready to scream, laugh, cheer, and have fun as we return to Honey Island Swamp and celebrate a decade of “Victor Crowley.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdam Green speaks to the greatest horror fans in the world before FrightFest’s “live commentary” screening of HATCHET that was held in August 2007.

“The 2006 Leicester Square screening was one of the loudest in the history of HATCHET,” says Green.  ”I hope the UK Hatchet Army blows that one away on August 26th.  Wear your favorite HATCHET or ArieScope shirts (here) or your official “Victor Crowley” Halloween masks and get extra love from myself and the special guests I may or may not be bringing with me to the event.  After all, this is a celebration and with all of the crazy shit, trials, and tribulations the HATCHET trilogy has been through and survived over the last decade… we have much to celebrate together, London.  I love you all and I absolutely cannot wait to be with you again- back where it all really began.”

desktop“Old School American Horror.”

Stay tuned for more HATCHET “10th Anniversary” screenings, special events, and appearances to be announced in the coming weeks.  Although we’ve always warned you to “stay out of his swamp”… this year we’re encouraging every single HATCHET fan on the planet to return to his swamp once again.  It’s gonna be a blood bath, but together we’re gonna have a hell of a lot of fun.