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In celebration of HATCHET’s 10th Anniversary and the latest film in the franchise VICTOR CROWLEY, this year Adam Green is embarking on his biggest tour yet:  The DISMEMBER AMERICA TOUR 2017!



March 10th-12th: Cherry Hill, NJ – MONSTER MANIA *3 day convention appearance.

April 3rd: Burbank, CA – DARK DELICACIES *HATCHET comic book signing.

April 7th – 9th: Chattanooga, TN – CHATTANOOGA FILM FESTIVAL * 3 day film festival appearance.  Includes screening of HATCHET (2007) and MOVIE CRYPT LIVE.


August 22nd: Hollywood, CA – ARCLIGHT HOLLYWOOD * Surprise Unveiling!

August 24th – 28th: London, UK – FRIGHTFEST * 5 day festival appearance with Kane Hodder.  Film plays on Saturday night 8/26.  Also includes MOVIE CRYPT LIVE on 8/26.

September 12th – Munich – Hamburg – Stuttgart, Germany   *  Film only

September 17th: Burbank, CA – MONSTERPALOOZA  *Panel Presentation only.  With Dave Sheridan, Felissa Rose, Laura Ortiz, Tiffany Shepis, and FX artist Robert Pendergraft.

September 21st: Frankfurt, Germany   * Film only

October 1st: Cologne – Nurenberg, Germany   * Film only

October 1st: Dallas, TX- Alamo Drafthouse

October 2nd: Houston, TX – Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park

October 3rd: San Francisco, CA – Roxie Theater  *Film only

October 4th: El Paso, TX – Alamo Drafthouse

October 5th: Chandler, AZ – Alamo Drathouse

October 6th: Santa Ana, CA – Frida Cinema *Laura Ortiz, Dave Sheridan, and Tezz Yancey joining Adam Green.  

October 7th: Gardena, CA – Gardena Cinema   *Film only

October 8th: Monterey, CA – Osio Theater   *Actress Tiffany Shepis appearing.

October 9th: Pittsburgh, PA – Hollywood Theater

October 10th: Philadelphia, PA – PhilaMOCA *7:30pm show SOLD OUT!  A second 10:15pm show added!

October 12th: Salem, MA – Cinema Salem - SOLD OUT!  *Presented by Rock And Shock.  Tezz Yancey joining Adam Green.

October 13th: Huntington, NY – Cinema Arts Center  *Film only

October 13th: Toronto, Canada – Toronto After Dark Film Festival  * Film only

October 14th: Yonkers, NY – Alamo Drafthouse * Film only

October 15th: Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Horror Fest * Film only

October 15th: Telluride, CO * Film only.  Part of the Telluride Horror Show.

October 13th – 15th: Worcester, MA – ROCK AND SHOCK* 3 day convention appearance with MANY HATCHET family guests TBA.  Panel presentation only.  Also performing with HADDONFIELD on Saturday night 10/14 at the Worcester Palladium.

October 16th: Seymour, CT – The Strand Theater *Film only

October 17th: Syracuse, NY – Palace Theater

October 18th: Cleveland, OH – Capitol Theater

October 19th: Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center  * Nightmares Film Festival opening night film

October 20th: Grand Rapids, MI – UICA * Kane Hodder will be joining Adam for Q&A!

October 21st: Rosemont, IL – AMC Rosemont

October 22nd: Indianapolis, IN – Indianapolis State Museum IMAX

October 22nd: Edmonton, Canada – DEDfest 2017  * Film only

October 24th: Omaha, NE – Alamo Drafthouse

October 25th: Kansas City, MO – Screenland Armour

October 26th: Burlington, IA – Burlington Capitol Theater  * Film only

October 26th: St. Louis, MO – Moolah Theater  * Film only

October 27th – Chattanooga, TN – Palace Picture House * Film only. 

October 27-29th: Nashville, TN – Full Moon Cineplex * 3 day convention appearance (Fri/Sat/Sun) with TWO screenings of VICTOR CROWLEY on Saturday night 10/28!  A second midnight screening has been added as the 9:30 screening has SOLD OUT!  Kane Hodder and Felissa Rose will be joining Adam Green for these Q&A’s. 

October 28th: Asheville, NC – Fine Arts Theater  * Film only

October 30th: New Orleans, LAPrytania Theater [NIGHT 1] * Kane Hodder and Brian Quinn will be joining Adam Green for the Q&A.

October 31st: New Orleans, LA – Prytania Theater [NIGHT 2] * Kane Hodder and Brian Quinn will be joining Adam Green for the Q&A.  The special after-show “Hunt For Victor Crowley” haunted swamp tour event hosted by Adam Green and Kane Hodder is sold out.

November 1st – 5th: Costa Maya, Mexico – IMPRACTICAL JOKERS’ CRUISE  *4 day appearance.  Q&A after the film on 11/1 with Adam Green, Kane Hodder and Brian Quinn.

November 1st: Atlanta, GA – Plaza Theater   * Film only

November 1st: Jacksonville, FL - Sunday Cinema    * Film only

November 1st: Ottawa, Canada – Mayfaire Theater   * Film only

November 2nd: Ottawa, Canada – Mayfaire Theater   * Film only

November 3rd: Howell, MI – Historic Howell Theater  * Film only

GDOB-30H3-007 3.5mm spineSee HADDONFIELD live on 10/14/17 at “Rock And Shock” in Worcester, MA!