Pre-Order Issue 3 of the HATCHET Comic!

The new issue of American Mythology’s hit HATCHET comic book series arrives on shelves next month but you can pre-order your autographed copy directly from starting today.  Issue 3 is available in 3 gorgeous variant covers plus a limited edition photo cover while supplies last.  Order your copy of Issue 3 (autographed by HATCHET’s creator Adam Green) in our “Buy Stuff” store right here.


Issue 3 brings this first series in Victor Crowley’s saga to its blood-soaked conclusion but don’t fear, Hatchet Army!  The next story in the HATCHET comic series begins this summer!

Meet Adam Green At New Jersey Horror Con!

Writer/Director Adam Green will be appearing at New Jersey Horror Con taking place March 2nd-4th at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin, NJ.  Other celebrities from the ArieScope family will also be appearing that weekend including Danielle Harris, Derek Mears, Tiffany Shepis, R.A. Mihailoff, Caroline Williams, and David Naughton so be sure to bring your copies of HATCHET 2, HATCHET 3, VICTOR CROWLEY, and Season 2 of HOLLISTON so that you can collect their signatures, too!  Adam will have copies of his films on hand while supplies last.


As always, Adam does not charge fans for his autograph or photo.  Instead, we encourage you to use that money to buy some awesome ArieScope merchandise from his table, to feed Arwen a treat, or as a donation to your local animal rescue/shelter.  Please note: While Arwen is currently scheduled to appear with Adam in New Jersey, her availability is always subject to change based on her many other professional obligations.

SPIRAL Turns 10 Years Old!

On this day in ArieScope history Adam Green and Joel David Moore’s psychological thriller SPIRAL was released in US theaters.  Starring Joel David Moore (AVATAR, HATCHET), Amber Tamblyn (SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS, THE RING), and Zachary Levi (THOR: THE DARK WORLD, TANGLED, NBC’s CHUCK), critics called SPIRAL “the closest thing you’ll get to Hitchcock in this day and age.”  Celebrate SPIRAL’s 10 year anniversary with us by watching your copy tonight!  Don’t already own SPIRAL?  We’ve got you covered with autographed copies of the DVD and Blu-Ray right here.

Mason bathroom door“It’s all about contrast…” – Mason


VICTOR CROWLEY (Adam Green’s fourth entry in the HATCHET franchise) arrives on home video everywhere in the US and Canada today!  See what critics are calling “the best HATCHET film yet” and the film that has quickly become the best reviewed entry in the series!  Starring Kane Hodder, Parry Shen, Laura Ortiz, Dave Sheridan, Brian Quinn, Felissa Rose, Tiffany Shepis, and more… VICTOR CROWLEY is now available wherever movies are sold.  You can get your autographed copy of the DVD or Blu-Ray (loaded with 90 minutes of special features and 2 commentary tracks) right here.


Welcome back, Victor Crowley.  The Hatchet Army missed you…

FROZEN Turns 8 Years Old!

On this day in ArieScope history Adam Green’s snowy thriller and Sundance darling FROZEN was released in US theaters.  The film would eventually go on to de-throne Green’s HATCHET as Anchor Bay’s most successful genre release of all time and continues to terrify audiences around the world to this day.  You can order your own autographed copy on DVD/Blu-Ray (loaded with over 90 minutes of some of the best special features ever included on an indie film release) or your own copy of the autographed shooting screenplay in our “Buy Stuff” store here.

Here’s what Rex Reed (New York Observer) had to say about the film then:  “FROZEN is a brilliantly conceived, gut-wrenching horror film about every skier’s worst fear, and the talented writer-director Adam Green gives it life in ways that will leave you impacted long after the 94 minutes of unrelenting suspense have ended.  Every aspect of the nightmare is captured as realistically as breathing by director Green, and his screenplay miraculously finds the time to develop character and build rapport between the excellent actors and the audience.  FROZEN is the best kind of horror film, about innocent people plunged into mind-boggling circumstances beyond their control. I predict instant word-of-mouth success at the box office, but it’s no fad or phenomenon.” - Rex Reed (February 2010)


Happy birthday FROZEN!  (We’re still not going skiing anytime soon.)