NEW HORRIFIED! Watch Ep 2.17 Derek Mears!

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED actor Derek Mears (PREDATORS, FRIDAY THE 13TH 2009, HOLLISTON) recalls an experience of mistaken identity that left him feeling like one of the iconic monsters he has portrayed on screen. Watch Episode 2.17 “Derek Mears” here!



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Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 3.22.47 PMArt by Ralf Krause.

HORRIFIED Episode 2.16 Kelly Vrooman

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED actress and comedian Kelly Vrooman (THE CHICA SHOW, SUNNY SIDE UP) recalls a horrifying story from her youth that involves missing parents, jelly donuts, and the end of times.  Watch Episode 2.16 “Kelly Vrooman” here.


Happy Anniversary to THE MOVIE CRYPT!

4 years ago today Adam Green and Joe Lynch turned HOLLISTON’s fictitious cable-access show “The Movie Crypt” into a real-life podcast, premiered their very first episode, and have not missed a single week since!  Happy 4th anniversary to Adam, Joe, and Arwen … and thank you to the 200+ artists who have so generously and bravely shared their own personal journeys on the program so far!

imageA new episode premieres every Monday morning on GeekNation and iTunes.

Please support THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast by sponsoring the show on Patreon here.  Even just  a dollar or two makes a world of difference in helping the guys continue to produce a new episode of this amazing program every single Monday.

HORRIFIED Ep. 2.15 “Matthew Mercer”

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED actor and renowned “Dungeon Master” Matthew Mercer (MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, CRITICAL ROLE) guides us through his real-life spooky tale of living in a haunted house.  Watch episode 2.15 “Matthew Mercer” here.


Watch Arwen’s Episode of HORRIFIED!

ArieScope mascot and podcaster Arwen (THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast, DIGGING UP THE MARROW) confesses a true story of mystery, terror, revenge, and remorse in this week’s incredible new episode of HORRIFIED.  Watch Episode 2.14 “Arwen” here.


Watch HORRIFIED Ep 2.13 “Jan-Michael Losada”

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED cinematographer Jan-Michael Losada (DON’T KILL IT, TALES OF HALLOWEEN) bravely spills his guts about a bargain dinner that had horrifying results. Watch it here.


Arwen’s Birthday Sale!

April is a busy month for ArieScope’s mascot and the co-host of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast Arwen!  On Friday April 21st the horror genre’s favorite Yorkie will be turning 6 years old and after co-starring in such ArieScope favorites as DIGGING UP THE MARROW and Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER, on Wednesday April 26th Arwen finally steps up with her first starring role in her very own episode of HORRIFIED.  To celebrate the occasion Arwen is having a “Birthday Sale” – and it’s one of our longest and best sales ever!  Starting today and running all the way through midnight on Saturday April 22nd you can use promo code “arwen” (all lower-case) during check-out and save 15% off of your entire order!  Start your shopping spree now in our “BUY STUFF” store here.

IMG_6749All dressed up and ready for her close-up, Arwen takes center stage and shares her very own real-life tale of terror in Episode 2.14 of HORRIFIED – premiering Wednesday April 26th.

Watch HORRIFIED Ep 2.12 Rudy Sarzo!

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED musician Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT, WHITESNAKE) recalls a real-life experience with voodoo spirits that left him feeling horrified.  Watch episode 2.12 “Rudy Sarzo” here.