Since 1998 ArieScope pictures has always continued to create short films in between our feature films and television shows. It’s these “just for fun” projects that keep our original spirit alive and provide us with opportunities to not always take things so seriously while operating within the Hollywood industry. Here you’ll find our annual Halloween short films (made for 19 years now and always with the same rule of “one night, no budget, no stress”) plus many other side projects that we’ve created over the years.

The TiVO (2008)

A man is delighted by how his new TiVO has changed his life, until it becomes obsessed with him and begins killing people. Starring Parry Shen (HATCHET 1-3), our 10th annual ArieScope Halloween short film has been a contender for “fan favorite” since the day it launched in 2008.

The Road To Frightfest (2008)

“Wanna see something really scary?” Horror directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch created this collection of five vignettes to be played (one per night) at the UK’s FRIGHTFEST film festival in London. Lovingly recreating John Landis’ classic opening to TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE, these promos brought down the house each night of the festival and spawned two more years of “Road To Frightfest” shorts in 2009 and 2010. Featuring surprise cameos that will please any die-hard horror fan, all five of the promos are featured here.

Winter Tales (2007)

Produced by our good friends at Divide Pictures, Adam Green wrote and directed these 5 claymation short films for American Eagle Outfitters featuring the voices of Lil’ Jon, Milo Ventimiglia (THIS IS US), Pete Wentz (FALL OUT BOY), Adrianne Palicki (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS), Kristen Bell (FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL), Corri English (HOLLISTON), and Laura Ortiz (HOLLISTON).

The Tiffany Problem (2007)

What’s a 30 year old guy to do when his wife stays home sick and ruins his trick or treating plans? Featuring a star-studded cast that include Joel David Moore (HATCHET, DODGEBALL, AVATAR), Corri English (BEDFORD DIARIES, UNREST, HOLLISTON), and Zachary Levi (CHUCK, TANGLED, THOR 2), our 9th annual ArieScope Halloween short film is still hands down our personal favorite of all.

The Dee Snider Story (2007)

Adam Green and Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider share their now legendary true story about creative inspiration and divine intervention. A MUST WATCH! This clip appears as a special feature on the HATCHET unrated DVD and Blu-Ray release under the name “A Twisted Tale”.

It’s A Mall World (2007)

Produced by our good friends at Divide Pictures, Adam Green wrote and Will Barratt shot this collection of 13 short films for American Eagle Outfitters that aired on MTV during THE REAL WORLD: SYDNEY in 2007.  Starring Sam Huntington (DETROIT ROCK CITY, BEING HUMAN), Dianna Agron (GLEE), and Deon Richmond (HATCHET), IT’S A MALL WORLD went on to become an internet sensation and set the standard for original entertainment content for retailers.

King In The Box (2006)

When “Jack” from Jack In The Box pulls a shady move over on Burger King, “The King” pays him a visit on Halloween night to settle the score the only way he knows how. Mentioned by The New York Times’ as one of the top short films of 2006, our 8th annual ArieScope Halloween short film is a favorite amongst fans.

Trick Or Treat (2005)

A man is perpetually bothered by the same guy who keeps ringing his door trying to trick or treat on Halloween night. Starring Chris Romano and Eric Falconer of BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE fame, this short proves that you’re never too old for tricks or treats.