HOLLISTON’s Tribute to Dave Brockie

Since the passing of our brother Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie on March 23rd, there have been an enormous number of amazing tributes in the media. ¬†Over the past week, Adam Green has posted a personal blog/eulogy (read here) and has also released a special “Dave Brockie Tribute” episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast (listen here) that he and Joe Lynch recorded along with many of Dave’s friends and coworkers contributing their own farewell messages and stories.

With the HOLLISTON Season 2 Blu-Ray being released this week, the following video tribute celebrating Dave/”Oderus” and his amazing work on the series has been put together on behalf of the cast and crew. ¬†Laugh, remember, and say goodbye to our friend and co-star Dave Brockie below…

HOLLISTON Dave Brockie Tribute from ArieScope Pictures on Vimeo.