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HORRIFIED Ep #11: Sarah Elbert

This week’s new episode of HORRIFIED is now live! Producer and actress Sarah Elbert (HATCHET, HOLLISTON) shares a mortifying experience from her very first Hollywood “day job” that left her feeling… horrified. Watch Episode #11 “Sarah Elbert” here.

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2 New T-Shirts Released Today!

Just in time for Yom Kippur!!  We’ve released two brand new T-shirts for pre-sale in our “Buy Stuff” on-line store here.  Order your “Crowley For President” and “10 Things Adam Green’s Films Taught Me” shirts today and be the baddest dude in Revere this holiday season.  As always, sizes will sell out fast, so don’t wait!

victor T frontVote Crowley! NEW “Crowley For President” shirt!

GREEN T Front T shirtNEW “10 Things Adam Green’s Film’s Taught Me” front.

Green T Back T shirtNEW “10 Things Adam Green’s Films Taught Me” back.

Meet Green & Hodder in Colorado!

Adam Green and Kane Hodder are heading to Mile High Horror Film Festival in Denver, Colorado for two very special screenings of HATCHET and HATCHET 2 on Saturday October 3rd and Sunday October 4th at the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton.  Adam is bringing his own personal 35mm print of the UNRATED version of HATCHET (the film was massively edited by the MPAA for it’s 2007 theatrical release and Adam’s print is literally the ONLY 35mm print of the full film in existence in the United States) and Dark Sky Films is sending a gorgeous 35mm print of HATCHET 2 (which was pulled and banned from theaters just 2 days into it’s 2010 theatrical release due to circumventing the MPAA’s imposed censorship and releasing unrated in major multiplexes).  Both films will also feature an epic hour-long Q&A with Green and Hodder in person as this will be Adam Green’s very first pubic appearance in Colorado ever.  DO NOT MISS THIS RARE CHANCE TO SEE BOTH FILMS ON 35MM ON THE BIG SCREEN IN ONE OF THE BEST CINEMAS IN THE COUNTRY AND MEET GREEN AND HODDER IN PERSON.  Gory, bloody, Halloween fun awaits you…

Get tickets to HATCHET (Sat 10/3) here:

Get tickets to HATCHET 2 (Sun 10/4) here.



ArieScope will be releasing TWO brand new T-shirts for pre-sale next week.  The designs will be revealed Monday morning (9/21) when the shirts go up for sale in our on-line store.  Fans that pre-order will not only receive their shirts first but will also get a free 8X10 photo (autographed by Adam Green) with their order.  Sizes are limited and will sell out so order yours quickly!  Pre-ordered shirts will ship before Halloween.

CrowleyTeaseVictor Crowley says you need both of these shirts.  Listen to him.

HORRIFIED Ep#10: Trevor Snarr

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED, actor Trevor Snarr (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, GENERAL HOSPITAL) shares a frightening real-life experience about the time he came home to a surprise.  Watch the episode FREE and UNCENSORED right here.

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Adam Green Comes Home To MA

In addition to Adam Green’s scheduled appearance at the Mile High Horror Film Festival in Denver, Colorado (October 1st – 4th), it was announced today that Adam has added a second appearance this Halloween season and will be heading back to his hometown area when he appears at the annual “Rock And Shock” convention (October 16th – 18th) in Worcester, Massachusetts. More specific information about both events is coming soon, but for the Boston-area fans that have been so loud in asking Adam to come back to “Rock And Shock”… your voices were heard and Adam will be home with you all again soon.

0916green-announce-sqMeet Adam Green October 16th – 18th in Worcester, MA!

For tickets and more information about “Rock And Shock,” visit the official site here.

Horrified Ep #9: Joe Lynch

Director/actor Joe Lynch (EVERLY, WRONG TURN 2, HOLLISTON) shares a horrifying real-life story that is truly in bad taste on this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED. Watch it FREE and UNCENSORED on our “Original Series” page here.

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THE MOVIE CRYPT’s Tribute To Wes Craven

Adam and Joe say farewell to the late cinematic icon Wes Craven in this very special and moving episode of The Movie Crypt podcast that includes tributes from Robert Englund (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), John Landis (AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON), Edgar Wright (SHAUN OF THE DEAD), Patrick Lussier (MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D), Jeffrey Reddick (FINAL DESTINATION), Michael Rosenbaum (SMALLVILLE), Todd Farmer (JASON X), Tom Holland (CHILD’S PLAY), Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW 2-4), Mike Mendez (THE GRAVEDANCERS), Tiffany Shepis (TROMEO & JULIET), and Alan Jones (FRIGHTFEST).  Listen here.

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Actor Parry Shen (HATCHET 1-3, BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, GENERAL HOSPITAL) shares a cautionary tale about gossip on this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED, now playing in our “Original Series” section right here.

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