On this week’s new MOVIE CRYPT podcast (appropriately titled “Movie Crypt 101″), Adam and Joe take a long, comprehensive, and sincere look back at the first 100 episodes of the show and hear from many of the podcast’s previous guests.  Stock up on caffeine, hunker down, and enjoy all 3 and a half hours here.

IMG_0425Joe Lynch, Arwen, and Adam Green at the end of the 3.5 hour recording.


Actress Laura Ortiz (HOLLISTON, THE HILLS HAVE EYES) stars on this week’s all new episode of SCARY SLEEPOVER where she shares her fears with Adam and turns a heated game of Battleship into a heated game of adorable.  Watch Episode 8: “Laura Ortiz” here.

IMG_2412Adam Green, Arwen, and Laura Ortiz put the fashion back into sleeping.


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She’s the 3rd host of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast, she’s a camera hog and fan favorite on ArieScope’s SCARY SLEEPOVER, and today Arwen turns 4 years old. In honor of Arwen’s birthday we’re having a 24-Hour flash sale in our BUY STUFF STORE!  For the next 24 hours only (April 21st from 12:01am PST until 11:59pm PST) you can take advantage of sale prices on select items and use promo code “arwen” at check-out to save an additional 10% on everything you buy.  Hurry and get shopping as once Arwen’s birthday is over at midnight… so is this sale!

ArwenbabyA star was born on the night Arwen came home May 22, 2011.  She was 6 weeks old. 

ArwenPant4 years later.

The Movie Crypt’s 100th Episode: CHRIS COLUMBUS

For their very special 100th episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast Adam Green and Joe Lynch welcome their biggest guest yet… writer/director/producer Chris Columbus (GREMLINS, THE GOONIES, HOME ALONE, MRS. DOUBTFIRE, HARRY POTTER, PIXELS)!  Listen to this extremely rare 2-hour all access pass into the minds of one of Hollywood’s biggest titans on iTunes or on Geek Nation right here.  A new episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT airs every Monday at 10am PST.

ChrisColumbusMC100Joe Lynch, Chris Columbus, “Grandpa”, and Adam Green

Congratulations to Adam and Joe (and Arwen, too!) on this milestone achievement and thank YOU for making THE MOVIE CRYPT the most popular podcast on the internet about filmmaking and the true behind the scenes of the entertainment industry.  With an average of 1/2 a million listeners now tuning in each week, THE MOVIE CRYPT has truly become a source of inspiration and a form of audio film school for so many aspiring and working artists around the world.  Who would have ever thought?

Scary Sleepover Ep 7: Mid Season Outtakes

Scary Sleepover series director Sean Becker shares some of his favorite moments that you DIDN’T get to see in the first half of Season 1 in this week’s new episode.  Watch it here.

IMG_7709Director/Editor Sean Becker



Legendary actor Sid Haig joins Adam on this week’s episode of SCARY SLEEPOVER where he brings Adam an odd “gift”, shares his deepest fears, and bonds with Arwen.  Watch the episode here.


MARROW Winners Announced!

The winners in the ArieScope/Zerofriends “WIN A PIECE OF THE MARROW” contest have been announced!  The following fans mailed in their proof of ticket purchase from DIGGING UP THE MARROW’s 9 city theatrical expansion on March 5, 2015 and have been notified by email privately. Congratulations!  We know that Detective William Dekker would be proud of you.  If we could only locate him…

GRAND PRIZE – Original Alex Pardee artwork & a Blu-Ray signed by Green and Pardee

Matt Van Fleet, Alyssa Fassoth, Ian Monroe, Taylor Haggard, and Drew Marvick

RUNNER UP – A Blu-Ray signed by Green and Pardee

Mary Catallo, Jovy Skoi, Katie Murphy, and Mark Basenback



Watch this week’s new episode of “Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER” as Scream Queen Danielle Harris joins Adam for a slumber party and discusses records, Danielle’s first concert experience, why it is fun to make horror movies, and what exactly Danielle is most terrified of in real life.  You’ll be very surprised by her answer!  Watch the episode in its full, uncensored glory right here.

AGSS 105 PROMO STILL_3How much did Danielle enjoy her first concert?  Find out on this week’s SCARY SLEEPOVER.